Internal Communication

Carry out action-driven conversations to build a productive workplace.

  • Direct messaging

    Streamline your internal communications with one-on-one or group messaging to make effortless conversations.

  • Share documents from anywhere

    Upload and share audio, video and other documents to access crucial information instantly, at any time.

  • Make audio & video calls

    Enjoy the convenience of audio and video calls for handling longer discussions to make faster decisions.

  • Socialize with co-workers

    Build a fun, engaging work culture with social feed and announcements, discussion boards and events.

Employee Scheduling

Make your best work schedules better with a strategic outlook.

  • Plan projects to meet deadlines

    Form teams and create projects to track, manage and prioritize activities to ensure on-time deliveries, every time.

  • Create work schedules with ease

    Rely on an intelligent task management system to analyze employee work schedule and assign tasks effectively.

  • Set business milestones

    Direct all your daily activities towards accomplishing long-term business goals with defined milestones.

Time, Attendance & Absence Management

Go the paperless, error-free way of maintaining employee attendance.

  • Record employee attendance

    Step away from manual timekeeping practices and automate employee time and attendance to reduce inaccuracies.

  • Monitor employee work hours

    Maintain a digital record of employee clock-in and clock-out time to access individual work hour logs.

  • Handle multiple work shifts

    Organize and manage different shift timings for your entire organization with our time and attendance solution.

  • Manage leave requests

    Allow employees to apply for leave and approve their requests to stay compliant, all from a simplistic platform.

  • Configure your leave policy

    Frame custom metrics based on your organization’s leave policy for a comprehensive workforce solution.

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