BeeSMART Messenger (BSM)

BeeSMART Messenger (BSM)


BeeSMART Messenger is a social platform that allows users to connect and communicate with users across the world. The application is an instant messaging software that allows users to view user profile and communicate via private and group messaging.


With the growing social networking trend, a company in Singapore, requested for a simplistic way of connecting with users on a global level. They wanted a platform that was similar to the social media giants but with the efficiency and ease of a normal messaging app.


Based on the requirements, BeeSMART Messenger was developed as an instant messaging app with certain crucial social platform features. Similar to the Facebook Feed, BeeSMART Messenger included the Feed section that displayed the updates from the user’s contact list. Users were able to add unlimited contacts to the application and chat on a personal messaging platform or within a group chat.

Apart from the messaging feature, BeeSMART Messenger also allowed users to share images, audio and video files. The video chat feature also helped users to connect with their contacts both nationally and internationally for free.


Cashing in the social platform frenzy, the BeeSMART Messenger were able to connect users across the globe. The simplistic way of instant messaging combined with the Facebook-like feed, the application were successful in connecting with the audience on a larger scale.