POP Chat

POP Chat


POP Chat is an instant messaging application used by the members of an organization in Canada. With their branches across various regions, the business chat app allows users to chat across multiple platforms, like Android and iOS. The application allows users to send messages to local, national and international users for free.


With its team spread across more than 5 business locations, the organization was facing immense communication gap and were unable to build a cohesive unit. Their usual mean of communication were unorganized and caused delays in delivering projects. They were in need of a workforce management platform that would simplify their communication process.


POP Chat was developed as a workforce management and instant messaging application that brought together the entire team on a single platform. The app allowed the team members to exchange messages on a one-on-one and group messaging level. The teams were able to take crucial decisions by relying on video conferencing and audio calls.

Apart from the personal and group chat options, the guest feature allowed clients to have a conversation with the team to share their requirements and address any queries from the technical experts. With the web-based and native mobile application platform, the team members were able to communicate from anywhere and at any time.


POP Chat was instrumental in speeding up the decision-making process and streamlining the project management structure. With real-time updates and alerts, they were able to make quick decisions which resulted in improved results and business growth.