Aa-Ha Chat

Aa-Ha Chat


Aa-Ha Chat is a communication and workforce app utilized by the Madhya Pradesh (India) Police Department. The app is an intuitive platform that allows the workforce across various branches and departments to communicate, disseminate time-sensitive information and stay alert with real-time crisis updates for improving better response time.


The Madhya Pradesh Police Department were in desperate need to communicate with their workforce faster. With multiple branches and hundreds of policemen, they wanted a single platform that could facilitate in better communication and information sharing.


Aa-Ha Chat was developed to simplify the process of communication between the multiple departments and policemen. The instant messaging feature was developed to address the need for responding in real-time. The application provided one-to-one private messaging and group messaging features. Audio and video calls were also integrated to hasten decision-making.

Apart from basic communication platform, the application facilitated in document sharing. This helped the team to share forensic reports and other time-sensitive information among their colleagues. The application was secured with high-end security measures to ensure complete confidentiality of information.


The Madhya Pradesh Police Department found Aa-Ha Chat as the best platform to act instantly, without any communication delay. Also, with the employee tracking feature, they found it easier to send backup in case of emergency situations. The real-time alerts was instrumental in maintaining the security and welfare of the citizens and their own department.