Whatsapp Clone & Business Chats Software – Features

Teamspace | December 7 - 2016

With the skyrocketing popularity of smartphones, it wasn’t long before its application began influencing the business world. In 2016, an instant messaging application is a vital tool of communication with the team and clients. However, businesses prefer user-friendliness to standard messaging application.

This instant messaging application offers multiple solutions equipped with innovative features. It offers various opportunities to customise with its wide array of unique features and advanced functionalities.

Advanced and unique features of Whatsapp clone

Import Contact :
Invite your business contacts with the chat applications to interact with your customer easily and cooperate on the projects.

File Sharing :
Here, You have to share files (media files, PDF files, images, videos and etc) with your clients as well as employees for work effective

Chat Rooms :
Improve your work responsibility creating chat rooms and including any number of employees for real-time communication.

Admin Interface :
Admin can control all others group chats conversions and personalized message signature, unique pass codes, touch id and a ton of other exquisite features, all one request away.

Third-party Tool Integration :
Chats application software helps to integrate the third party tools and features in your customize application.

Fully Customize :
Customise WhatsApp clone the way you want. To include more features depends on your business needed.

So, We have a lot of opportunities to communicate and engage your customer or international clients and all the works done quickly & manage easily. Engagedots is helped to create advanced features of Whatsapp Clone. ” Make it Simple your Communication”