Usage of Instant Messaging Software

Teamspace | November 4 - 2016

Usage of Instant Messaging Software

Its a well known fact that Email is one of the important form of communication between the people. Billions of email has been sent by people everyday. But one of the drawback of sending out email is you might not even know if the person checked your email or he is online or not . And sometimes email it itself is not as fast as you think. If you reply him back and forth then email is a not a comfortable way to continue the section.

Instant Messaging is so easy and comfortable where you can continue real interaction between people either in a group or through a private chat. You can instant message with anyone in your contact list as long as if the person you chat is online.

Benefits of Instant Messaging:

Check out here some of the benefits of using Engagdots Instant Messaging Software

Send Instant Messages

If your friend is online then you can do instant messaging back and forth

Share Videos

You can share videos with your friends either ins agroup or private


You can also share Images and share music files

Third party tools

You can Integrate third party tools on our software

Voice calls

Make voice calls with our engagedot app either local or international


You can set custom notifications and alerts for call, file transfer, sharing and more

Task Remainders

You can set task remainders and organise events. You can definetely roll out your day to day work schedule in just a few tap.