Myths About The Usage Of Corporate Chat Software

Teamspace | March 30 - 2015

Communication within an organization is extremely important for business. In the world of technological developments, everything should take place in a fast manner. That’s when a chat software comes into picture. Business chat app simplifies the process of communication. Text, audio, video, voice calls etc., can be sent / made in a easy manner.

There are lot of misconceptions about a chat app. Many business feel ‘why a separate chat app for my agency? I can already do all these activities with a common sharing platform’. But, they fail to understand how secure and simplified a corporate chat software can turn your communication process.

Here are some of the common myths about a chat app:

 >> Chat software is for chatting only:

This is a misleading thought! A corporate chat software is not something like Facebook or Whatsapp. It is not only for sharing gossips or some viral information over the network. It can do more than what you think. You can share real time content that is of high quality. You can sent across or receive any kind of data in any form.

>> Chat software is also insecure like the common sharing platforms:

Not at all! In a common sharing platform, anyone and everyone can view your information / data being shared. But, that’s not the case in a corporate chat software. The information is totally secured and the same cannot be viewed / accessed by any third party.

 >> Chat app is just another app:

If you are the one who thinks a chat app is the one like all other apps and there are no special elements, then let me tell you that you have got it wrong. A chat app can be used for making critical decisions in business. It can be used as a CRM, social media, email platform or as a collaboration tool.

 >> Chat app is just for the experts:

Involving the simplest of processes, a chat app is not just for the millennial but for every common man in an organization.

 >> No ROI from chat app:

This is purely a myth as a chat app can help you gain high return on investments. If the communication process takes place faster, the completion of the task is also faster. The effectiveness of the whole process is faster as well! A survey proved that there is 20% increase in productivity due to chat apps.

corporate chat software yields a lot of benefits for your business than what you imagine. Get to know about the best business chat app and implement it for your business. Yield huge ROI for business and be profitable!