Game changing software’s solutions for SME companies

Teamspace | February 22 - 2017

SME(Small and medium-sized enterprises) businesses need more business growth & need more revenue for their business, so most of the SME companies are choosing various focus operational software.
This high quality & Multi-task software are user-friendly interfaces and multi-task purpose features.

Email Marketing Software

Most of the companies have done the Email marketing for retaining the customers as well as to engage the customers & exciting clients. So e-mail marketing is the good option for to increase the leads counts and most of the companies are using the MailChimp software for to run the campaign and analysis & tracking your campaigns. we generate a good amount of leads via our email marketing campaigns.

Lead & Social Media-Marketing Software

Lead Generation is very difficult to process of the startup companies as well as SME companies. HubSpot it helps to maintain the social media campaign & re-targeting process, lead follow-up details.

Sales Followup Software

Zoho CRM it helps to maintain sales pipeline as well as a sales process, lead status, lead followups, purchase details. It helps to task management & Business development management. So it’s very simple to handle the sales management & Lead follow-up status like ( Open, contacted, hold, qualified, call back time update.

Team & Client Management Chat Software

EngageDots – business chat software is the very supported tool for team collaborative communication that software like Slack & Hipchat, but it also helps to client management, employee management with advanced functions & technologies has support to audio chat, Video chat, Document sharing, contact details sharing. That, all in one platform.

Customer Feedback Software

Customer feedback is the most important thing to our quality & delivery cycle, and there’s no way to get the feedback, create & reply to the feedback than with Uservoice software. This software helps to built-in support desk & customer service & elevated our customer experience.

So that we have good opportunity to grow the next phase of the business. A lot of business tools help to manage to your all business activities & then we have streamlined the all the process & that helps to increase sales volume as well as it helps to manage to end-to-end business process.