How to foster teamwork for better results?

Teamspace | September 4 - 2017

Teamwork is the essence of every successful organization. Forming a team of highly-talented individuals is only a job half done; the challenge lies in ensuring that the team works together in achieving the set goals. That’s the reason why team collaboration has become such a buzzword in the biz world.   

With changing work environment and dominance of digital workspaces, maintaining a cohesive team is tricky. Here’s how your organization can build better teams with great teamwork.

Getting to know the team

A great leader knows his team members inside out – their strengths and weaknesses. When you understand your team, the process of defining their roles and responsibilities becomes easier. But mind you, the path is not a smooth one.

While some of your team members may excel at a certain responsibility, you may have to assign them to another role for the better functioning of the team as a whole. So, take your decision after careful consideration as this acts as the stepping stone towards great teamwork.

Set team goals

Setting an aim for a 5% improvement in the next quarter may seem like an achievable goal, but only if your entire team rallies behind it. Define current and future goals, plan a strategy and employ every resource in succeeding at it. Make sure every team member understands why they are doing what they are assigned to, and how they play a role in reaching the goals.

Create an engaging environment

The majority of today’s workforce comprises of Millennials who prefer a flexible work environment. If you want to achieve your target, you need the support of your team members. Ensure that you set up a non-judgemental environment where every voice is free to express its ideas, without any inhibitions. When creative people come together, it gives space for out-of-box ideas to emerge. These factors are crucial for fostering a growing environment.

Use Collaborative Tools

It’s quite common for miscommunication to occur within a digital workspace where you don’t physically meet your team members on a regular basis. A team chat software is a right platform for a team to communicate, share screens and files, take crucial decisions and collaborate for better results.  

Other Useful Tips

  • While today’s digital environment has multiple benefits, maintaining a personal connection is paramount. Work continuously towards creating conversations that are not just related to work. Group activities, luncheons and interactive sessions are a great way to build employee relations.
  • Decision-making is something that shouldn’t be taken with a fraction of the team. While it is fine to have a team leader, ensure that every team member is present during important meetings. This improves employee responsibility and engagement.
  • Words of encouragement and constructive feedback are essential to keep your team members motivated. Feel free to acknowledge their achievements, offer rewards and provide feedback whenever the situation arises.