Business Team Chat Software helps to manage your team activities

Teamspace | January 13 - 2017

Mobile messaging apps are revolving top these days and this is the best possible way to reach more customers. Below are the best ways to use chat apps for your business

Team Tasks:
You can act together with your team wherein you can set tasks for your team, you can set client meeting, set meeting reminders and much more using the evolving business chat app

Videos and Photo Sharing:
Sharing videos and photos through the chat app is the smart way to reach customers. The chat app can be very well used to help consumers to get to know the brand by posting anything related to your business in order to make it viral on a go. With over 50 million active mobile users chat app can get a deserved place and plays a prominent role in promoting the business.

Increase on your ROI :
Through the business chat app, your productivity will be increased enormously and thus giving rise to your ROI. Everything related to your business can be made easier with the business chat app when it is used effectively and thereby increasing your revenue.

Events / Reminders:
Keep track on important tasks or events and receive reminders on the same with your teammates in the loop and get notified to minimize the risk of skipping tasks that are put in a high priority.

History & Notifications
Stay less worried on losing data as you can easily maintain a backup of latest conversation and chat histories in the server or SD card that lets you explore your entire archive of conversations with the powerful search operator.

The advanced notification options send timely SMS or email alerts and delivery reports. If you lose connectivity while sending a text, the message automatically reaches the receiver once the connectivity is detected.