Business Chat Application: Its Advantages and a Technical Outline

Teamspace | January 19 - 2017

Chat application has generally been popular as a means of real-time communication. In business, progressively more number of enterprises prefer to use chat application for internal communications as well as to manage client meetings, video conferences, one to one and group chats, document sharing or to simply join an interesting discussion. The users can limitlessly communicate with anyone across the globe and share their preferences instantly.

We would paint a picture of the several advantages as well as the technologies used in the development of the chat application.

Advantages of chat application

Chat application embodies several advantages to it and provides some of the best features that initiate a secure communication, for instance, history backups, call records, video records and huge data storage possibilities.

  • With its ability to improve the interoffice communication, it helps to connect with team members and business clients.
  • No more wasting of production hours; the app helps to promptly achieve the project deliverables.
  • Getting in touch with a long-distance client is no big deal. Go for an audio or a video call option. It saves much of your time and reduces expense on traveling.
  • Of course, there is the provision to share documents, audio files and videos through a protected secure channel.
  • Scheduling is an easy task now. Get automated reminders and notifications on important projects and events at the right time.

An app like Whatsapp from a superior technology architecture

EngageDots has devised similar to Hipchat and WhatsApp applications amended to the needs of a business environment. We have implemented layers of various advanced technologies for an easy communication as well as to store data secured on our server. Our business chat application is built on a common platform of advanced technologies and high standards of convenience.

Use Case – User & administration

Application layer – Android, iOS, HTML5, web page

Network Layer – Google Maps, API & XAMPP

Technology layer – PHP & Javascript

System Layer – MongoDB, MySQL, LAMP & Google Cloud Platform

Read More about technologies:

Create your own business chat application with EngageDots

Our application supports Android and iOS versions and also Web Pages, so as to make it compatible with both mobile devices and desktops. We offer our solutions some of the widely popular features in its most unique and advanced form.

list of Features:

  • Chat communication
  • File sharing
  • Task/Events reminders
  • History & notifications
  • Social media feeds
  • Video & audio calls

Yes, chat applications suit, and uphold, various industries for distinct and legible communication with clients, coordinating with team members and multitasking effortlessly.